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We Offer Pest Control Services Within a 25-Mile Radius of Mustang, OK. Including Yukon, Blanchard and the Oklahoma City Metro Area.

we are Hobbs Pest Control, LLC

a veteran, family owned and operated business founded right here in our hometown.

We realize there are many Mustang pest control companies to choose from. What sets us apart from the rest is our commitment, dedication and unmatched desire to serve and protect our customers. Our technicians are best known for their expertise in many areas to prevent pests and weeds from taking over your personal space. We guarantee your home will always be treated with the utmost respect by one of our friendly, qualified service technicians who specialize in your specific needs and will tailor a plan suitable for your home or business!

Although every home and client situation may be different, our quality of service and unparalleled customer care never fails. We offer a wide variety of services including residential maintenance plans to ensure a pest free environment.  Our professional pest control Mustang OK team follows a three step process, ensuring you get the pest control and prevention services you need.  During our initial visit, our technicians will discuss your concerns and address them accordingly. We will complete a thorough inspection of your home and will then begin our treatment process. During each residential general pest treatment your technician will treat the exterior of your home by de-webbing the eaves, doors and windows, removing mud dauber or wasp nests, treat yard with encapsulated granules as needed or per season, complete wall flush dust treatment and spray around the entire foundation of your home creating a solid defense perimeter. Inside, your expert will treat the garage, basement, and attic area as needed, treat under sinks and behind toilets, treat underneath appliances and lastly will treat entry points and all baseboards. We guarantee family and pet friendly products are used in every general pest treatment.

Taking the initiative to protect your home or business from pests proactively is the best choice. With Oklahoma having the most unpredictable forecast, our weather conditions can be potential breeding grounds for many treacherous insects such as ticks, mosquitos, and termites! All wreaking havoc among our city and towards our investments. This is why it is imperative to have a preventative general pest treatment plan in place rather than scheduling a treatment based on an as needed basis. There is a common misconception that preventive pest control is expensive. This is most certainly a myth. Hobbs Pest Control LLC. not only offers affordable pest control services, but is also highly effective. Medical bills or home repairs are far more costly than the service provided by Hobbs Pest Control, LLC on a bi-monthly basis protecting your family members or co-workers. Scheduling routine service creates peace of mind for your home, family, pets and even your office space! Why worry about what’s crawling around the break room counters when you have reports due by noon? Let our team of professionals take that stress off you today! Give one of our friendly representatives a call now or schedule conveniently online!



This company not only does exceptional work, they are also very professional in every aspect! Couldn’t think of any company better to take care of our needs! Highly recommended!


The Hobbs employees are all very nice, knowledgeable and processional. Clayton Hobbs and Matt Alexander have always made themselves available to help with issues or questions. I highly recommend this company.


Honest, professional company that feels like you’re being taken care of by family.


As a real estate professional I use Hobbs frequently. They are knowledgeable and TRUSTWORTHY


Stellar in every way. You cannot do better.


I don’t trust many companies these days. I DO TRUST HOBBS. Good guy, good company, honest. hardworking and reliable.


I saw a post on social media about Hobbs and I’ve been needing help with unsightly gopher mounds in my yard. I called on a Thursday and they were out the next morning installing traps. I met Clayton and he was very knowledgeable and nice. Only two days later I had two gophers caught and they were already out picking them up the following Monday! I highly recommend them and I’ve been very happy with her service so far, thank you!


One of the best companies in the business. The do spray all my units and they always do great job and I do recommend it them to all my friends . They been spraying for me for the past 3 years and my tenants like their work a lot. Thanks Hobbs for all the work you do for me.


Superb customer service! This family owned and operated company has been phenomenal to work with. They are friendly, knowledgeable, hands on and lead with integrity. I highly recommend them to any home owner or business.


Wow!!! Hobbs pest control and termite experts exceeded my expectations! They responded to me within minutes ready to come out same day. The communication was very professional and they arrived on time. Matt explained to me what he was doing and how everything would work. Thank you!! I’ll be sharing my experience to others 💕🐜



hobbs pest control


Our pest control methods allow for less preparation and remove unwanted pests quickly.


We guarantee you will be satisfied with our service. If you aren’t completely happy, we’ll come back free of charge until you are.


We have an entomologist (bug scientist) on staff who can provide expert scientific insight into pest control problems when needed.


Our pest control methods have been proven to be 100% successful for a variety of pests. Whatever your pest issue, we’re here to resolve it and make sure you’re satisfied.


Our methodology is to operate without pesticides whenever possible. We use EPA approved products that are not harmful to your loved ones. There’s also no unsightly mess.


We are the trusted pest control company for many property owners throughout the Metro. Our customers continue to give us top ratings.

Oklahoma’s Best

Extermination & Termite Control Specialists

No home or business is immune to the millions of dollars in damage a colony of termites can cause to a structure. These nearly microscopic insects cause American homeowners approximately $5 billion in damages each year and the stress that they cause property owners cannot be measured. Measuring a ⅛ inch in size, termites work their way through structures with colonies of up to 2 million termites working endlessly, day and night.

Selecting the best termite control method is crucial when protecting your investments. Hobbs Pest Control, LLC offers two different treatment plans. Our experts will discuss which plan would be more suitable for your home or business upon inspection.


The idea behind a chemical treatment for termites is to create a barrier of insecticide between where termites live and your structure. Typically, this treatment method involves trenching around the foundation of the house, filling the trenches with a termiticide, and filling in the trenches. The approach also involves drilling holes 12-18 inches apart where carports, patios and porches meet the main body of the house. Termiticide is injected into these holes and the holes are patched. Significant advancements in termite treatment chemicals like Termidor© have made liquid treatments extremely effective.


Baiting systems surround the structure attracting foraging termites. When termites find a bait station, they begin feeding at the station. Since termites are a very sociable species, they share their food and even clean one another. Using our knowledge of termite biology and behavior, we can eliminate a colony when they share active bait with one another.

Hobbs Pest Control, LLC are your local experts in choosing the best method for your residential or commercial termite elimination or prevention plan. Not only does our company eliminate termites, we provide follow-up services required to prevent future colonies from returning. This includes annual inspections and routine bait maintenance.



Are you waking up with unexplained, red and itchy bites on your body? Rust color or blood stains on your bedding or sofas? Chances are you may have an unwelcome pest residing in your personal space. Bed Bugs hide out of sight in cracks and crevices of bedding/sofa seams, dresser drawers, loose wallpaper, curtains, or anywhere you could slide a credit card since they are about the same width. Having a bed bug infestation doesn’t mean you have a dirty, unclean home. They are hitchhikers and do not discriminate. As long as there is a food source, YOU,  they are there for the long haul. That is until they meet Hobbs Pest Control, LLC.  We offer high quality, discreet, bed bug treatments for local commercial and residential customers throughout the Oklahoma City Metro area, Yukon, Blanchard areas.

There is some preparation required for the bed bug treatments. However, we understand not everyone has the time to prepare with the busy schedule of life! No one plans to have these tiny pests invade their home. You can now add the prep work to your treatment plan and let our team of professionals at Hobbs take the stress completely off you! Our team will bag all affected sheets, linens and clothing to be heated and treated separately. All prep requirements and guidelines will be further discussed during the consultation. Hobbs Pest Control, LLC guarantees our work on all services to ensure each customer is happy with each treatment!



Every year our community is rapidly expanding which also means our mosquito population is doing the same. Our inconsistent Oklahoma weather also serves as a perfect breeding ground for these annoying biting insects. Preventative mosquito treatments are the best way to protect your family and friends so that you can enjoy the outdoors again. Treatments typically begin late

March or early April and end September through October. We use a combination of a bait system and fog. Fogging the areas around your home every 21 days by our licensed specialist will have a significant impact on reproduction and activity.

Consistent treatments during the warmest months, our neighbors can help us fight the battle as well! Here are some helpful tips to eliminate their breedings grounds in your area:

  • After rainfall, empty standing water in containers
  • Adjust sprinkler timers to allow enough time for grass to completely dry out before watering again to avoid standing water
  • Keep fountains operating or drain water completely
  • Swimming pools should be circulation water flow and be treat with appropriate chemicals
  • Repair leaky pipes and outside faucets
  • Check air conditioning drain hoses to ensure water is not pooling and sitting
  • Opt for yellow “bug light” for outdoor lighting; these are less attractive to mosquitoes
  • Fill in low spots in your yard that hold stagnant water after rainfall

Completely avoiding mosquito bites is nearly impossible but taking these precautions and hiring a team of experts like Hobbs Pest Control, LLC to complete your monthly mosquito treatments will help you to enjoy the outdoors once again!



First impressions leave a lasting impression. The first thing someone notices when they pull into your place of business or into your driveway is the scenery. Hobbs Pest Control, LLC specializes in Weed control and prevention to offer our clients a wide range of quality services. Expanding our service range beyond Mustang and into the Oklahoma City Metro area, Yukon, and Blanchard, we are able to provide more customers with satisfying results. 

Whether you are combating an abundance of crabgrass, dandelions, mosquitoes, gophers, or ticks, we can treat and prevent it all with multiple treatment plans to choose from.

Our weed control and lawn fertilization are scheduled weather permitting. Hobbs’ team of professionals follow Oklahoma agricultural law and guidelines for all treatment processes. This may delay our treatment routes. There are 6 treatments required for weed control annually to maintain a yard properly including winterization. 

Continuous weed control and prevention has many benefits to your home and business such as; 

  • Enhanced curb appeal, making it more inviting
  • Save money on landscaping services and,
  • Keep children and pets safe from harmful weeds


Just to name a few! We are the experts in keeping your lawn looking vibrant and healthy year round in all Oklahoma conditions since we are your local family owned and operated company. Most importantly, all of our treatments are kid, pet and eco friendly. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service and treatment plans that fit every residential and commercial customer’s needs. Give us a call today, or conveniently schedule online! 







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