MOSQUITO control

Tired of uninvited dinner guests swarming around your home and family while trying to enjoy a meal out on the patio during a beautiful Summer night? Hobbs Pest Control, LLC has an environmental child and pet safe way of protecting your property. Mosquitoes are typically noticed during the hot and humid Summer months when your family members are trying to enjoy the outdoor weather. But did you know mosquito season actually begins late March or beginning April in Oklahoma? Mosquitoes create eggs that can survive in freezing temperatures and plant them in standing water. The mosquitoes themselves die out, but their eggs and larvae stay safe, and when water melts in the spring they begin to hatch. Some species are more durable and the adult females can hibernate through the winter and survive to wake again in Spring. This can be annoying because they are immediately ready to feed and may show up early before Spring even starts.

Mosquitoes are blood feeding pests and during the feeding process they pick up and transmit a wide variety of serious diseases to both people and animals such as West Nile Virus, Zika, and Malaria. Not every mosquito you come into contact with is carrying a disease but we must treat them as they are. Taking precautions around your home and scheduling preventative maintenance is the best way to protect yourself from their painful whelps and itchy bites and diseases they may carry. 


Mosquitoes love nothing more than a property with multiple areas of standing water- Drainage ditches, flood plains, ponds and wooded areas are prime breeding grounds for these annoying pests. Even small amounts of water collecting in gutters, flower pots, trash can lids or tarps will attract mosquitos. Females will be able to lay their eggs resulting in a larger mosquito population around your property. 

While store bought insecticides may temporarily deter mosquitoes from your home, this will not be long lasting and may be harmful to your children, pets and the environment if used improperly. Hiring a reputable, locally owned pest control company is a decision you won’t regret!

Hobbs Pest Control, LLC.  offers a combination of treatments which allows us to effectively stop the reproduction cycle and eliminate mosquitoes around your property. Our technicians will complete an assessment of the exterior of your home, and may make a few recommendations on how to properly drain standing water nearby. Once completed, we ask that any pets remain inside during the treatment since we will be applying a fogging application around the perimeter of your home. Typically the treatment is applied every 21 days due to the reproduction cycle.  Once we have completed the treatment process, our company looks forward to hearing about your family enjoying the outdoors once again.







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