With the national media and public awareness of bed bug infestation at an all-time high, Hobbs Pest Control, LLC are geared up and ready to help you by providing quality service where it matters most to help you win the battle against bed bugs. Few pests pose control challenges as complex as bed bugs. Bed bugs are quiet, hard to find, increasingly pervasive and an egg-producing machine. Bed bugs feed upon the blood of humans and may even feed on your pets as a source of food. Ridding your home of bed bugs requires considerable professional expertise and significant client cooperation. 

Unfortunately, cleanliness is not a factor in stopping these pests. Bed bugs can infest your home, hotel, or an entire apartment complex through the walls. Their food source is blood. They will travel the distance to survive. Wouldn’t you? They are well known “travelers” that can easily hide in your luggage and personal belongings to hitch a ride back to your home. Once there they can hide in many places and rapidly multiply. Treatment during the first signs of bed bug activity is crucial.

Bed bugs are reddish-brown, small and are about ¼ inch long, wingless, flattened bodies and move very quickly on six legs. Nymphs are colorless making them even more difficult to see in the early stages. This is another reason why hiring a reputable company like Hobbs Pest Control, LLC is important when inspecting bed bugs. They are known not only for causing physical harm but psychological harm. These tiny bugs only feed on you in the middle of the night when you are most vulnerable, leaving only itchy red whelps behind as evidence. 

Being able to hide out of sight in cracks and crevices of bedding/sofa seams, dresser drawers, loose wallpaper, curtains, or anywhere you could slide a credit card since they are about the same width is easy for these ¼ of an inch insects. During the day bed bugs will hide in groups in bed covering, mattresses, box springs, bed frames, baseboards and surrounding furniture near the bed. Some other indications may be bloodstating, cast skins, egg deposits, and the occurrence of bites. These hitchhikers can be found in couches, clothing, and seats of airplanes. They are known to be one of the biggest hitchhikers in the travel industry putting a heightened meaning on the old expression “Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite”.

The unfortunate news is that the clean-up process is intensive to put an end to the outbreak of bed bugs. We have now included Prep service as an additional service to your treatment plan. This includes bagging up all affected sheets, linens and clothes to be heated and treated separately. All prep requirements and guidelines will be further discussed during the consultation. Hobbs Pest Control, LLC guarantees our work on all services to ensure each customer is happy with each treatment! 







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